Living with Scrupulosity OCD

(constant fear you will be punished for blasphemy)

Fear of Being Punished for Blasphemy

Are you having repetitive unwanted thoughts that are blasphemous? Do these thoughts go against what you believe? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, most people admit to having random, alarming intrusive thoughts that are unwanted and don’t reflect their belief systems. It’s perfectly natural for your mind to explore creative connections with your religion, whether good or bad.

People with Scrupulosity OCD, or Religious OCD, live in constant fear that they’re not abiding by their religion. Some sufferers report having blasphemous, graphic thoughts about having sex with Christ. While others live in fear of sin where there is none. Since OCD is an anxiety disorder, sufferers experience severe anxiety as the thoughts are completely opposite of their belief system and volitional will. Attempts to escape the thoughts only make them stronger. In result, people with Scrupulosity OCD form debilitating compulsions such as repeating prayers until they have been uninterrupted by an intrusive thought.

If you suffer from OCD, you have a severe anxiety disorder that can be treated. Start by getting educated on the disorder and making healthy living choices. From there, find a clinical psychologist in your area that is an expert in OCD and Exposure Response Prevention (ERP). And remember, neither your nor any professional should ever assign any meaning to your thoughts. They are completely meaningless.