Living with Homosexuality OCD & Straight OCD

(help for anxiety, fears and obsessions about sexual orientation)

Am I Gay or Straight?

Are you having repetitive unwanted thoughts about homosexuality and/or heterosexuality (Homosexuality OCD and Straight OCD) with respect to your own sexual preferences? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, most people experience unwanted thoughts, including thoughts about engaging in homosexual or heterosexual activity. This can be both alarming and confusing. It’s perfectly natural for your mind to make creative connections, but some people have more trouble dismissing the thoughts than others.

People with OCD, who have never questioned their sexual orientation before, may experience debilitating anxiety because of excessive doubts, urges and images that are completely opposite of their sexual orientation. This could lead to a variety of fears and questions like “Am I straight or gay?” or “What if people think I’m straight or gay?” They may even go out of their way to avoid being seen with someone of the same/opposite sex depending on their sexual orientation.

A person with OCD has no higher inclination to act on their thoughts than anyone else. If you suffer from OCD, you have a severe anxiety disorder that can be treated. Start by getting educated on the disorder and making healthy living choices. From there, find a clinical psychologist in your area that is an expert in OCD and Exposure Response Prevention (ERP). And remember, neither your nor any professional should ever assign meaning to your thoughts. They are completely meaningless.